Designing for Change continues to be at the forefront of our mission at Littles & Co. This particular project was near and dear because this non-profit is focused on helping survivors of abusive religious environments. The challenge was to capture the mission of the organization and the path of the survivors.

Vashti is an Old Testament character who is lifted up in the Bible as a woman of strength and resilience. In much the same way as those the organization wants to help, she lost everything to take a stand for her rights.  It was fitting then to capture both the nobility of the survivors and the efforts of the organization. The former placing their crowns firmly on their heads, standing tall, whilst becoming the rulers of their own destiny. The latter leading the way as torch bearers through education, empowerment and advocacy.

If you would like to know more about the organization please visit their website at 
The logo icon in full color

Part of the type study as presented to the Vashti Board of Directors

Final logo with torch crown serving as the V in Vashti

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